Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchanger

    This type of heat exchanger consists of a shell body with a bundle of tubes inside it.
    Heat is transferred by fluid flowing inside and outside the tubes.
    The fluids can be liquids or gases at high temperatures or low temperatures with high pressure or low pressure, etc. The tube material has also various options from the perspective of corrosion or thermal efficiency.

    In case of heat exchangers on ships, seawater is often used as fluids and in order to minimize deterioration such as corrosion, copper alloy is mainly used for the tube material, but recently there have been more cases of titanium as a high corrosion resistance material.
    It may seem very simple in its structure, but actually there is much know-how in various aspects.
    You can see condensers, one of the heat exchangers, in photos below.

    These are 2 same condensers for overseas customers.
    We do inspection before painting to confirm that it is made as per designed size and there is no leak.
    This is a condenser on ship,
    one of shell & tube type heat exchangers.
    The size of heat exchanger is usually measured by heat transfer area.
    Heat transfer area means outer surface area of tubes for shell & tube type.


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