Parts Supply for Heat Exchanger and Maintenance

    Drawing number for
    our company’s products
    If you have a drawing, please inform us of a drawing number.
    As for the number, shell & tube type starts with “SW-”, plate type starts with “SP-”, and oil heater starts with “MS-”.
    Products of other companies
    We can provide services for other company’s products, too. We will do our best with available information that you provide.
    Maintenance work
    We can provide maintenance, too.
    Should you have any questions or need more information on heat exchangers, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Tubes for shell & tube type heat exchanger. We can handle any size and any material.

    Protection plate

    We can handle any size and any material including zinc (Zn), ferrum (Fe) and magnesium (Mg).

    Casting cover

    It is called “cover” for shell & tube type heat exchanger.
    We have various wooden molds with an inner diameter from 150mm to 1300mm.

    Insert tube

    It is called “insert tube” or “nylon insert”. These are the parts to protect tubes.


    We have alcohol thermometer and mercury thermometer. We can handle various screw size.


    We can handle various gaskets such as for body, pipe, etc.


    Plate for plate type heat exchanger.
    Plate material is titanium, stainless (SUS), etc.

    Gasket for plate

    Gasket for plate of plate type heat exchanger.
    We can supply gasket alone.

    Nozzle piece

    It is attached to the inlet/outlet of plate type heat exchanger.
    It equips with thermometer, valve, etc.

    Oil heater element

    We can supply parts and attachments such as tube bundle alone for MS oil heater of our company.


    Any other parts and attachments for heat exchangers such as cock, valve, pressure gauge and so on are available.


    Request for Overseas Customers

    We cannot conduct business transactions directly with overseas customers, so please contact trading company or agency in Japan first for request for quotation.


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