Manufacture of Heat Exchanger


Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchanger

Shell & tube type heat exchanger mainly consists of the following parts.
- Shell body
- Water chamber cover
- Tubes
- Tube sheet
Depending on the material, necessary process of cutting, welding and/or machining is made. After assembly, we do inspection. Once it passes inspection, we do painting and final check, and then ship.

1. Material preparation


Cutting and Machining for the Materials

As a preparation, we cut and machine materials such as plate, pipe, etc.

2. Canning/Welding Work

熱交換器 熱交換器

Canning/Welding Work

Processed materials are assembled by welding.

3. Water Chamber Cover


Manufacture of Water Chamber Cover

We manufacture casting water chamber cover.
Blasting (surface treatment) and machining are performed.

4. Manufacture of Tube Sheet


Machining for Tube Sheet (Drilling)

We drill holes in tube sheet, where tubes and bolts are inserted.
In order to increase the air tightness, reaming is executed.

5. Manufacture of Buffle and Prop

熱交換器 熱交換器

Assembly of Buffle and Prop

Buffle, prop and tube sheet are assembled and incorporated into a shell body.
Small ones are assembled in a standing state.

6. Incorporation of Tubes


Incorporation of Tubes

Tubes are incorporated into a shell body.
There are various ways, and in this photo, tubes are inserted by hand.

7. Attachment of Tubes

熱交換器 熱交換器

Attachment of Tubes

Tubes are attached to the tube sheet.
Tube expansion method is often used.
Tube expansion is performed uniformly by torque control.

8. Inspection

熱交換器 Water chamber side

熱交換器 Body side

Inspection of Heat Exchanger

We do dimensional and visual inspection as well as pressure test such as water pressure, air tightness, etc.
We install a pressure gauge and inspect shell body and water chamber cover separately.

9. After Inspection

熱交換器 Water entrance side

熱交換器 Turn back side

Painting on Water Chamber Cover After Inspection

After it passes all inspections, we do painting.
Since seawater is often used for cooling, we paint the inside of water chamber cover with heavy rust-proof coating.

10. Painting

熱交換器 under coating

熱交換器 final coating

Outer Surface Painting

After water chamber cover is attached, we paint the outer surface of the product.
Usually, both under coating and the final coating are performed. Sometimes only under coating is performed and heat insulator is attached.

11. Shipment


Shipment of the Product

Product is shipped with accessories.
In case of domestic transportation, it is delivered on a truck or trailer.
We cover the product to prevent damage to it in transit.


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